In order to keep abreast of market trends, MG2 Media has introduced the famous Lunch & Learn lunches to encourage discussion, exchange and learning between all team members. This week, Geoffrey Blanc talked to us about the basics of SEO. Here’s a brief summary of his presentation.

It’s important to consider two things when you want to focus on your SEO:

  • On-site SEO or search engine optimization on your website

Before embarking on organic SEO, you need to make sure you’ve optimized your website as much as possible. To do this, I suggest an infographic that will give you 13 elements that search engines will consider when they visit your website.

Click here to see the infographic

  • Organic search engineoptimization (SEO)

Organic SEO requires a lot of work, and to achieve it you’ll need to establish a strategy with a number of external stakeholders. I suggest another infographic that talks about external factors for your organic SEO.

Click here to see the infographic

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