Writing content on the web is different from writing in print. On the web you have to know how to adapt to your target, to search engines and also to your objectives.

Additionally, your content should appeal to readers by being relevant to search engines at the same time. But do not try to favor only one of the two.

Discover in this article the 5 points that will help you write for the web by optimizing the reading path of your target audience as well as your referencing on search engines.


Focus on the “inverted pyramid” (mentioned in point 3):


In three words, the content to be written must be attractive (to attract web users who are often in a hurry and “scan” the content), useful (with a discourse that brings real added value) and relevant (the content must be adapted to your audience, your objectives and yourself/your field).

To learn more about Google Analytics, read our cheat sheet here.

And now, to your keyboards! 🙂

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