The current context linked to the COVID-19 pandemic brings its own set of challenges for businesses, whether it’s accelerating the use of digital technology to reach your customers, support your sales with web and mobile solutions, ensure continuity of operations with remote employees, or the need to integrate new operating rules.

The main challenge is to transform and adapt our ways of doing things in a context where social distancing and telecommuting are a necessity for maintaining public health, which implies a different approach to reaching customers and managing customer relations.

This transformation will affect..:

Human through changes in customer behavior as well as needs related to employee safety, behavior analysis, training, communication and collaboration.

Processes by reviewing your business processes, reorganizing your work teams and adapting your business relationships with your customers.

Technology means adopting new digital tools, automating your processes, integrating your main management software packages and using various e-commerce functions, while promoting exchanges and collaboration.

The MG2 Media team and its available solutions will facilitate your transformation in a context where environments change rapidly, tight deadlines are necessary and delivering value quickly is a must.

Our possible support :

  • Diagnose business functions with a view to adapting to the context of COVID-19 and changes in customer behavior;
  • Analyze your business processes;
  • Select, implement and integrate the right tools for collaboration, e-commerce and process automation;
  • Develop customized web and mobile digital solutions that will enable you to be autonomous in the evolution of their content;
  • Take charge, remotely, of the end-to-end realization of your projects;
  • Train your teams to use the new tools;
  • Ensure that your transformation is carried out through agile management, enabling you to obtain the greatest business value from your investments.

Our solutions

MG2 Manager

A digital platform that supports the development of customized solutions:

  • integration of e-commerce functionalities, such as payment and delivery;
  • business process automation ;
  • writing and publishing blogs and newsletters ;
  • content management directly by the customer using simple, easy-to-learn functions;
  • support for device-adaptive web technologies and mobile technologies;
  • support for multilingual solutions ;
  • integration with the vast majority of resource management and customer relationship management systems in use;
  • integration and synchronization with various databases.

Association management

Based on the MG2 Manager platform, this solution integrates specific functions for managing members’ associations, such as :

  • event posting and registration management ;
  • billing and payment management ;
  • management of job offers ;
  • writing and publishing blogs and newsletters ;
  • integration with various resource management systems, internal customer relationship management systems and e-commerce services.

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