Inspirit is a 3D animated game that plunges you into a poetic and original universe. The user takes on the role of a small character in a dark setting. The aim is to find the polyhedrons to form 6 colors, thus illuminating the screen and bringing this world back to life.

At the end of the experiment, a message appears: People are light, stay close to those who enlighten you.

This platform is very interesting because it can be played on four different media:

  • Computer
  • Smartphone with gyroscope or WebGL tablet
  • Cardboard glasses
  • Or Oculus Rift

The experience will vary according to the equipment used.


The Chauvet-Pont d’Arc cave website caught Sandra’s eye for its intuitive ergonomics.

This site offers visitors an interactive guided tour. They are immersed in the heart of the cave and have access to different types of information.

To make the visit easier, the site features dual navigation and a menu positioned on the left-hand side of the screen for better visibility.


The Quincy Réquin law firm website was chosen for its modern design and original structure. Based on a user-friendly experience, its ergonomics are nonetheless easy and intuitive.

See for yourself!


Like the previous site, Natural Food and Beverages offers a modern, high-quality design.

The site’s structure makes for very pleasant reading: divided in two, the left-hand side displays the visuals, while the right-hand side provides related information.

The animations are fluid and light, perfectly complementing the website’s original, uncluttered style.


Finally, the last site to be presented to you is that of the Beagle company. It’s a highly successful one-pager, with plenty of animations.

This site has no menu: navigation is by scroll and bullets on the right-hand side of the screen for easier understanding. We also found it very interesting, as it tells the story of the company’s concept in a rather entertaining way.

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